Flash Memory Cards

Flash Memory Cards for the Newton must be Linear Memory (also known as Attribute Memory) format. ATA Flash RAM is not compatible. RAM cards come in 5v/12v ("Intel Series II") and 5v/5v ("Intel Series II+") models. Although either type is fine in the Newton, the 5v/5v versions are newer and more likely to live on in future Newton/eMate models. 5v/5v cards also generally have lower power requirements.

Card sizes range from 2Mb to 32Mb. Large-capacity cards will work, but Apple recommends no larger than 20Mb. This disclaimer is related to problems in backing up the large cards with NCU/NBU rather than the Newton's ability to actually use them. There will be a corresponding power drain as larger cards are used. For comparison purposes, an 8Mb card (byte-wide operation) was used as a reference point.

(For everything you ever wanted to know about Newton memory, be sure to check out Coan's Flash Memory page.)

Flash Card Voltage Power Consumption
Read Write Standby
AMD AmC0nnCFLKA 5v/5v 45 mA 65 mA n/a
AMD AmD0nnDFLKA 5v/5v 45 mA 65 mA < 1 uA
Intel iMC0nnFLSA 5v/12v 85 mA 80 mA 65 uA
Intel iMC0nnFLSP 5v/5v 75 mA 40 mA 125 uA
Pretec FR20nn-P 5v/12v 110 mA 70 mA 1.5 mA
Pretec FAD0nn-P 5v/5v 60 mA 120 mA 100 uA

With all due respect to vendors, any credible user reports╣ on current draw -- BATLOG results▓ preferred -- will override manufacturer-provided specs. The "nominal" ratings usually disclosed tend to be on the atypical low end of the spectrum, so I favor "real world" experiences...

If you have a card to add to the comparison chart, the pertinent data. Only cards that are proven to work in a Newton, please. This data may be relevant to non-Newton users as well, but remember, I am biased: only Newton-ready solutions allowed.

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September 17, 2001