Given the interest in the Newtontalk posting about my "Day Planner" briefcase setup, I offer this picture. Actually, it is a scan from the Franklin/Covey Day Planner catalog, which will have to suffice until I get some more personal photos. I would have just linked to their material, but I couldn't find this model in their on-line catalog.

See Full-Size nappa.gif (198 Kbytes)This is basically my exact setup, except in black. Note the cell phone pouch on the left, and the Day Planner "Classic Edition" -sized pouch on the right. I actually have a DayRunner brand "Classic Edition", but it still matches perfectly. I would assume the same applies to the DayTimer as well. (The only differences I can see are in the number of binder rings: DayRunner-3; DayTimer-6; Day Planner-7.)

I keep my Newton in the binder, taking it with me to meetings, etc. When heading home or on a road trip, the binder slips easily into the perfectly-fitted pouch. The flaps secure loosely with little magnetic "buttons".

The back side that you can't see has a full-width open pouch with two zippered compartments, three pen loops, and a biz-card holder. I keep seldom-used PCMCIA cards in the compartments, with spare batteries, umbrella, eyeglasses, etc in the pouch itself.

The main part of the bag consists of two full-width zippered sections. The side closest to the c-phone/binder pouches can expand to fit large items, while the other is split into three sections by filing dividers. When I carry the Newton keyboard, it fits nicely in the expando section.

I'm sure this catalog scan is a copyright infringement, so to stave off the Franklin/Covey lawyers, run out and buy this briefcase now: 1-800-863-1492. 24 hours a day. Operators are standing by.

[I have no affiliation with Franklin/Covey or any of its subsidiaries.]

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