I have to admit, I never really resonated with “the blog”. To me, it seemed like a very public “Dear Diary” that you really had no idea who was reading. Not to mention the very idea that you are egotistical enough to think people are interested in what you had to say in the first place! MySpace and “the Wall” of FaceBook is a bit more natural, since at least you know who your audience is, but the open blog was a stretch. Sure, I got the whole business/marketing angle which works in many cases, but some people were using it as personal expression, and I am introverted and guarded enough for that idea to be a completely foreign one to me.

So now that I’ve trashed the blog concept, why am I trying one? Simple. LinkedIn is my new drug, and they have a WordPress widget. This is an egregious and wholly unnecessary attempt to have a blog so that I can test the LinkedIn tool that ties to it.