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Palm Admits Slow Adoption of webOS

Palm execs are admitting lackluster webOS sales. Per analyst remarks, their window of opportunity may indeed be closing.

In my little corner of the world, I can confirm the lack of traction. There was tremendous initial interest when Pre came out, but no continued excitement so far with Pixi or Pre Plus. In fact, Android – specifically the Moto Driod – is Number One with a Bullet.

I haven’t seen any iPhone users abandon ship, but there has been a Droidfully noticeable migration away from BlackBerry and Pre. Now Windows Mobile 7 Series is getting the buzz. This may have been Palm’s last gasp, and I think even RIM may have to watch out.


Anatomy of a Malware Mail Message

The difference between virus and spyware is a real grey area. Many anti-malware tools excel at stamping out one, but can let the other slip through. Because of this, I try to caution my users to not assume our lines of defenses are infallible. ABC: always be cautious.

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iPhone Owners Intentionally Break Old iPhones For Upgrades

That’s one way around the contract period. Albeit not a very honest one. I agree the iPhone is very solid, so one would have to be extremely violent to do significant enough damage. Even with a broken screen, I’ve seen them continue to function.

Shareaholic for Firefox

Shareaholic is one of those essential add-ons that you never knew you needed until you used it. A friend turned me on to AddThis, which sounded intriguing. But after reading the reviews (80% “greatest thing since sliced bread”, 20% “Beware!”), it seems that Shareaholic is better.

From within FireFox, sharing URLs as postings to FaceBook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and dozens of others (that I don’t currently use) is just a click away. This is only my inaugural try and already I am declaring it a winner!

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