The leased copiers used by my former [bankrupt] employer are soon to be retrieved by the vendor. We need to make sure that the internal hard drives are wiped clean, since – in addition to the ex-company – the on-site bank Assignee used them during the ABC process, and likely contain what would be considered sensitive info.

Internal disks are used in copy machines for batch runs as well as scan-and-hold print jobs, and are a potential gold mine for data thieves. I don’t see an easy way to “wipe” in the admin functions, and I am not sure of the legal implications of simply taking a hammer to the HDD (given that the property has reverted back to ownership of the lease-holder). We need to make a point of asking the vendor.

The EU is proposing legislation, albeit aimed primarily at PCs and other devices, that conceivably could spill over and impact potential copier data breaches as well.