In a survey of 2700+ mobile computing developers from an admittedly non-Apple centric developer base, the Appcelerator results shows that while iOS is king of the “now”, Android is perceived as more open and potentially with greater features in the future.

Given Apple’s tight grip on app development standards and single-source hardware, I don’t think anyone could really argue the “openness” angle. But as for future viability, time will tell. The closed environment of Apple also makes for a very seamless and consumer-friendly ease-of-use, and the Appcelerator community acknowledges that Apple has a far superior app supply chain. In the end, developers will gravitate to where the money is, and if Apple maintains a lock on consumers even with a less open and arguably feature-poor OS, developers will still be there. Betamax was better in principle, but it didn’t win.

Right now, its a leapfrog situation. Google bested Apple in Q1 sales and seems to be trending higher, but all indications are that the iPhone 4G numbers are going to be exponentially obscene. And that’s not even factoring in the gajillion iPads sold in a partial 2010. In the end, I don’t think there has to be a clear-cut winner. The market can handle multiple players. What is most interesting in a diverse platform market is allowing developers to target as many as possible with ease, and that is precisely what business Appcelerator is trying to win in.