Mac vs Windows. Android vs iPhone. Intel vs AMD. Nintendo/Playstation/XBox. Fanboyism of any flavor is just nuts. Why can’t people accept consumer choice for what it is? Why does everything have to be a competition about what is or who uses the best? It’s a good thing this extreme brand loyalty is mostly limited to the tech world. Can you imagine if everyone felt the need to argue about everything?

I just bought some “Dove MEN+CARE” body wash. It’s pretty cool.

Feh. “Gillette All Day Clean” is far superior.

Gimme a break. Even the packaging is inferior. The label is upside down when the bottle is standing on its cap.

You’re just an idiot mesmerized by fancy design. Everyone knows it’s what’s inside that counts.

Utterly hopeless. I suppose you mean something like “Odor Shield Technology”? Please. That’s not an ingredient, just glitzy marketing. If you want to talk features, consider the actual engineering, not just the product management spin.

Then how does Green #3 strike you? Yup, that’s right: Version 3. Dove only has Blue v1. Talk about being obsolete before you even bought it.

You’re clueless. That has no effect on performance.

But the Methylchloroisothiazolinone is key.

OMFG. Do you even know what that is? The patented MICROMOISTURE technology is clearly what blows Gillette out of the water.

Hah! Those are probably just air bubbles. When I pay for 12 ounces, I want to know I am getting the full 12 ounces.

Sure, 12 ounces of crap. That stuff oozes out like some bad combination of Jello and the BP oil spill. If you put your tongue on it, nothing actually sticks. What’s it made of, Teflon? I’m surprised it even makes a lather.

Who the &%$# tastes their soap? What’s wrong with you? The important thing is that it provides a superior experience that lasts long into the day.

Well sure, that’s fine if you want “16hr protection”. Obviously there is an engineering problem because “All Day” is not 16hrs. There are 24hrs in a day, my friend. Maybe if they gave away free deodorant it would make up for the design flaw.

STFU. It’s your conclusion that is flawed. Other products suffer from similar limitations. And in the real world, 16hrs is fine. Besides, I like to be clean and fresh. With Dove, you have to actually choose between “Extra Fresh” and “Clean Comfort” models. As if they are mutually exclusive?!? Sorry, but I want something that does both. Why give people so many options?

Right, like Gillette doesn’t bombard with confusing choices also. Are you forgetting their Hydrator product line? And I like how you completely ignored their Hydra-Scrub debacle. “Power beads” my ass! I felt like I just came back from the beach and had sand stuck in all my crevasses.

You are such a l0ser.