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Exchange 2007 OAB Subtleties

For quite some time, we had been dealing with Outlook Offline Address Book problems. The OAB would go in and out of visibility for both Outlook 2003 (Public Folder distribution) and Outlook 2007 (Autodiscover method); both RPC and Proxy; both Cached Mode vs not. Errors seen whenever the problem was present included: (continue reading…)


Chrome Is Calling

That’s it. I’ve had it. I use Firefox religiously, anything to avoid Internet Explorer. (Before FF it was Netscape Navigator.) I always have it running with multiple windows, each with multiple tabs open. Crashes were occasional, and I noticed (without much concern at the time) that the Crash Reporter would always say “there was an error submitting your report”.

But lately, FF has started crashing on a multiple-times-a-day basis. Hoping that Mozilla was aware of the problem, I was looking into why the Crash Reporter was failing. According to at least one post on the support blogs, that feature has been disabled for quite some time. Someone made the comment that the development team turned off the feature because they were tired of hearing about crashes. Now I’m sure that’s not true, but the fact that no one would officially deny it, coupled with my frustration and the inability to report the error, has signified the end of my FF loyalty.

I had tried to avoid Chrome because I was wary of the idea that Google would track even more of my activities than just using Google Search. But oh well. The price I will pay for a stable app. That’s why Chrome usage is growing at the expense of FF. I’m going to give it a try.

WordPress App Recant

Earlier this year, WordPress released v2.6 of their iOS app. You could tell from the announcement that the developers were very excited about many new features that had been added. Unfortunately, it seems that few outside of the development team were able to experience all these great features, because the released product did not seem to work well. The primary problem was that it would complain about login/password problems and not let you into your own site. It was slammed in the iTunes app reviews.

Shortly thereafter, a new 2.6.1 version was released to fix the login problems. The developers were profusely apologetic for the authentication errors. My 2nd install certainly got past the password, but it would just hang forever. I figured it was another bust. I went to the iTunes feedback ready to blast then with a low rating. But I happened to notice that at least one other reviewer had the same difficulties as I, and they resolved the problem by wiping the app and doing a complete re-install. Hmmm, worth a shot.

And what a difference it made! When I installed a fresh new copy, I was able to configure for my site and finally see what the developers were initially so excited about. WYSIWYG editor, photo uploads, video support, location-based posting. Bravo! I hurriedly went back to iTunes to post a 5-star rating.

I should have been more thorough in my testing. Yes, it offers all that and more. But when time comes to actually save the blog entry, no dice. It looks like it works, but there’s nothing there on the site – not even in Draft form. Darn. Pretty useless.

Now how do I retract my iTunes positive rating?

Android vs iPhone, Fair and Balanced

Nick Saint offers the most unbiased Android vs iPhone comparison that I have seen to date. It is well-balanced and (IMHO) reasonable in its assessment. The comments pre-date the iPhone availability of Google Voice, Google Goggles, or the potential “Verizon iPhone” – which might ameliorate some criticisms – but otherwise it is very fair.

I have hated all other “which is best” articles because they are so black-and-white in stating their personal preferences as fact. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are somehow less intelligent/attractive/moral if you prefer to have a virtual keyboard (iPhone) or removable battery (Android). There is no one right answer, no universal choice. Whatever you prefer is right for you, no matter what anyone else may opine.

San Diego Sucks… As A Sports Town

True to the @DarkSideGeek name, I think every blog post I’ve written so far has been tech-oriented. But I’m deviating today, because something has been bothering me lately. This blog will have to do for my soapbox, since it’s way too big for a tweet and Facebook cannot contain it. The trouble is, I’ve got a basic premise in mind but what I’m lacking is a good conclusion, an understanding of why. Perhaps my readers – both of you – can provide the answer?

Why does San Diego suck so badly as a sports town? (continue reading…)

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