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Why Everyone Needs To Know About Twitter

With a billion tweets per week, there’s no question that Twitter has become a popular social medium. But while not every person is a Twitter user, it is important that everyone at least know what Twitter is.

I’m starting to see malware-bearing spam that preys on the popularity of Twitter, though anyone even remotely familiar with Twitter would never be fooled because it displays a complete ignorance about how the twittersphere operates. The latest is a message from Twitter Support indicating that there are a number of “unreaded messages” awaiting review.

There are other dead giveaways to this initial spam vector, but social engineering techniques will undoubtedly improve over time. The fundamental issue is that even a non-user should be taught that Twitter is not a messaging system in the traditional email sense, so as to not get fooled by the spam into clicking to see these “unreaded” messages.

Make sure your non-Twitter friends and family “faworites” know the basics.


On Openness, Fragmentation, And Other Android Traits

According to the latest Nielsen numbers, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry are nearly neck-and-neck in smartphone OS market share with 29%, 27%, and 27% respectively. When looking at the graph, one thing stands out in comparing new leader Android to its nearest neighbors… (continue reading…)

Google Spam: Not A Problem

A lot of press has been devoted recently to problems with Google search spam, eyeball-stealing content farms, and search algorithm optimization. But very few complaints are ever made about how Google deals with the original type of spam – unsolicited email. That’s because Google does a pretty damn good job in combating it.

I just got my first GMail spam today. After 5 years on their system, the first unwanted email I received was not about V1@gra or diplomas-by-mail – it was a Mastercard/Visa offer in Spanish (which is probably why it snuck through their filters).

Receipt of spam is hardly newsworthy, but it is significant given Google’s track record. They just don’t seem to get enough credit in that regard. Contrast this performance to Yahoo, where I received my first spam within 24hrs of account creation. Which was a real puzzler at the time since I had not even used the account yet…

I can’t even begin to measure the amount of Yahoo spam that I have been subjected to in these past 15+ yrs. And while they have made small anti-spam improvements, it is nothing like what Google has managed to do. In fact, that is one of the key reasons why I do not use my address often. (The other reason: at every login, Yahoo bombards me with “chat spam” requests and it takes 3 clicks to decline each person.)

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