Will Apple come out with their own Siri-influenced TV in 2012, since Steve Jobs supposedly “finally cracked it” shortly before his death? What about the idea of an iPod Nano-based wristwatch – not just by adding a watch band, but by integrating Bluetooth and turning it into an iOS remote display device? And everyone was so bummed at the iPhone 4S release, expecting instead the oft-rumored iPhone 5 that never materialized – when will that finally appear?

Rumors abound with Apple. And because they are so tight-lipped about product release schedules, no one (who doesn’t work for Apple) will truly know for certain until the big unveiling. Tech journals are filled with unverifiable hints from supply chain partners and “sources familiar with the situation”, and everyone is eating it up in anticipation. Slow news day? Let’s throw out an Apple rumor to keep people interested!

Since your guess is as good as mine, I thought I would add my own random predictions to the mix. And random it truly is.

Introducing the “Apple Prediction Generator”.

All done in jest. No truths implied to named media outlets or unnamed sources. But isn’t it interesting how some generated quotes actually resemble real-life headlines? I’m just sayin’…