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Kali on ChromeBook recently purchased a Samsung ChromeBook. Not for ChromeOS, but for the fact that Kali Linux – the network pen-test successor to BackTrack – announced a ChromeBook build. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with $250 for a Linux wireless ultra-portable dedicated to network testing. Turns out perhaps I could go wrong. (continue reading…)


Google Glass: Coming Soon To An Interaction Near You

Google Glass is in limited release to a select group of beta “Explorers”. Robert Scoble is one of them, and he just posted the most stunning testimonial that Google could have hoped for. If techies weren’t drooling over this new gadget before, they are now. Comments to Scoble’s piece were overwhelmingly positive and frothy, but there are skeptics out there. I’m not one of them, but…

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Lost Network When Upgrading To ESXi 5.1

After upgrading from ESXi 5.0 to 5.1, I was presented with a curious “change has been detected” message during VM startup. It asked whether the VM had been recently “Moved” or “Copied”. I was leaning towards “Moved”, except for the fact that it also said “when in doubt, select ‘Copied'”. Big mistake picking ‘Copied’.

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I Want My MPGe

In honor of Earth Day, I will once again declare my love for my Chevy Volt electric vehicle. It has cool features, saves on gas, and yet still has that insurance policy of the “charge sustaining” engine for a total range that is unlike any other (except for maybe the Tesla). But yes, despite the engine as safety net, I will admit that “gas anxiety” is a real thing. I find myself avoiding the use of gasoline whenever I can, maximizing for electric even if it means altering routes or destinations.

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