“Dark Side” as in evil? Certainly not. A Star Wars fan? Astronomy buff? Pink Floyd listener? Yes, yes, and sometimes, but that’s not the point. Dark Side Geek is a reference to the cynical Dilbertian view that “management” is the Dark Side equivalent for a techie by trade.


I am just an IT geek who has made the leap to Management. I am currently the IT lead for Verance, a pioneer in the development and commercialization of digital audio watermark technology that tracks and manages premium media content.

This blog tends to focus on issues of Mobility, Security, Collaboration, and Communication – true interests of mine. They are the keys to a mobilized workforce, which is fast becoming the norm for businesses worldwide.

In this era of smartphones, “cloud computing”, Software-as-a-Service, and remote management, the days of knowledge workers constrained within the corporate walls is gone. Ensuring a reliable infrastructure, actionable information dissemination, efficient teamwork (with meaningful interactions), and, most importantly, global business profitability is critical. To me personally, as well as that of my employers…

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