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Brick-and-Mortar Trumps Online

Verizon has Droid, and its customers are drooling over the forthcoming HTC Incredible. Likewise, Sprint’s next salivatory blow is the HTC EVO 4G. Google was trying to tie into that growth market by pushing their own branded Nexus One phone online. Today, they have toned down their commitment and will only sell through channel partners such as Vodaphone stores in the UK. A big reason was that they had issues with tech support. But the other is more touchy-feely. Touchy-feely on the phones that is. People want to hold their phone and try it out before buying. Buying sight-unseen online wasn’t going to cut it. The Vodaphone stores, however, will give them that channel. Failed online venture or not, its all gravy to GOOG. They sold 20,000 units – a paltry sum next to BB/iPhone numbers – but you have to figure that was all word of mouth and Google reputation. Not bad for just slapping a logo on an HTC phone.


Redefining Mobile Computing

Symbi-who? In my years of providing IT support for the latest-and-greatest smartphones and mobile devices – Newton, Zaurus, BB, iPhone, etc – I have never (knowingly) come across a Symbian system. I had always viewed Symbian as  niche player right alongside something like Psion. So imagine my surprise to find out that Symbian is the leader in the smartphone market. I guess I have been configuring “Symbian” but never really knew it!?!

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Palm Admits Slow Adoption of webOS

Palm execs are admitting lackluster webOS sales. Per analyst remarks, their window of opportunity may indeed be closing.

In my little corner of the world, I can confirm the lack of traction. There was tremendous initial interest when Pre came out, but no continued excitement so far with Pixi or Pre Plus. In fact, Android – specifically the Moto Driod – is Number One with a Bullet.

I haven’t seen any iPhone users abandon ship, but there has been a Droidfully noticeable migration away from BlackBerry and Pre. Now Windows Mobile 7 Series is getting the buzz. This may have been Palm’s last gasp, and I think even RIM may have to watch out.

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