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This Article Is Not Innovative Enough

Yesterday I read a review where the latest Apple Airport Extreme was cited for a lack of innovation. Seriously? For a wireless router?! Innovative?? Aren’t we beating this Apple-is-not-innovative drum a bit too loudly? Let’s get real. (continue reading…)


Did You Hear The One About…

Will Apple come out with their own Siri-influenced TV in 2012, since Steve Jobs supposedly “finally cracked it” shortly before his death? What about the idea of an iPod Nano-based wristwatch – not just by adding a watch band, but by integrating Bluetooth and turning it into an iOS remote display device? And everyone was so bummed at the iPhone 4S release, expecting instead the oft-rumored iPhone 5 that never materialized – when will that finally appear?

Rumors abound with Apple. And because they are so tight-lipped about product release schedules, no one (who doesn’t work for Apple) will truly know for certain until the big unveiling. Tech journals are filled with unverifiable hints from supply chain partners and “sources familiar with the situation”, and everyone is eating it up in anticipation. Slow news day? Let’s throw out an Apple rumor to keep people interested!

Since your guess is as good as mine, I thought I would add my own random predictions to the mix. And random it truly is.

Introducing the “Apple Prediction Generator”.

All done in jest. No truths implied to named media outlets or unnamed sources. But isn’t it interesting how some generated quotes actually resemble real-life headlines? I’m just sayin’…


Using MiniKeePass with Dropbox

This post is going to be of interest to only a very specific demographic, but based on my web site stats, it seems necessary. Since writing my “story” – it barely qualifies as a “review” – of MiniKeePass, it has (surprisingly) become the most popular item on my blog. And tracking the Google search referrals, by far the biggest impetus for coming to my site has been in a quest for the answer to “how to use MiniKeePass with Dropbox”.

(continue reading…)

The Next Revolution

The original iPhone was revolutionary because it was the first product to combine a phone, music player, Internet browser, mail client, camera, gaming system, and – let’s face it – an anything-to-anyone customizable application platform.

Likewise, the iPad was equally revolutionary in it’s positioning as a re-imagined PC alternative and Internet/media consumption device.

These were paradigm shifts. Nothing since then – whether from competitors or Apple’s own evolutionary releases – carry the gravitas that would allow anyone to call them similarly “revolutionary”.

Yet “not revolutionary” has been the charge levied – unfairly, in my opinion – against releases such as iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S. To my way of thinking, “revolutionary” is a difficult goal to achieve for any well-entrenched product line. And it got me to thinking: what would make for a “revolutionary” jump in mobile devices?

  • A capacitive multitouch display that also had solar charging capabilities? (Not just a solar cell on the back, but one integrated into the touchscreen?)
  • A pico projector and integrated laser-projection keyboard?


What do you think? Take a moment to participate in this thought experiment. Beyond simply “bigger, faster”, what next technology iteration would make a mobile device be worthy of the label “revolutionary”? Please comment!

Secure Password Management with KeePass and MiniKeePass

I always advise users to create hard-to-guess passwords, never re-use them across sites, and change them semi-regularly. The push-back I get is that this can be a daunting task to try and remember a myriad of constantly-changing credentials, no matter how good the mnemonic techniques may be. But one look at the growing list of high-visibility break-ins and security compromises is all you need as incentive. Why make it easy for crackers to jump from one service to another just because you were a victim of limited brain cells devoted to passwords?

Call it “do as I say, not as I do”, the Cobbler’s Children syndrome, or just simple laziness, but despite the best of intentions I was not following my own advice.

(continue reading…)

On Openness, Fragmentation, And Other Android Traits

According to the latest Nielsen numbers, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry are nearly neck-and-neck in smartphone OS market share with 29%, 27%, and 27% respectively. When looking at the graph, one thing stands out in comparing new leader Android to its nearest neighbors… (continue reading…)

How Do I Get To The Holodeck Controls?

I have not actually tried this yet, but the UI caught my eye. It looks like someone watched quite a bit of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” for interface ideas. The LCARS Reader for iPad looks a lot like the TNG Enterprise computer!

A one-stop media shop for $4.99. Claims to be an RSS Reader, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa. Even Ebay and Craigslist interfaces, which I must admit is unique when compared to FlipBook, FLUD, Taptu, and others.

Flipboard Releases New Update

Very happy to see that Flipboard released v1.0.2 on Thurs. It answers all my earlier criticisms except for the lack of RSS support:

  • No more duplicate articles thanks to an improved layout algorithm.
  • More panels – now up to 21.
  • Auto-refresh – no need to exit/restart to pick up new content.

Plus a new feature that shows a web page snapshot (like IE and Chrome thumbnails) when page content/context is not otherwise available.

The best just got better.

Time For The iAttorneys

In the old days, if you didn’t like a product you returned it and got your money back.  These days, I guess you just file a class action lawsuit. Apple is getting both barrels, first for Antennagate and now for the iBook, er um, I mean the iPad.

Tethered Tablet

RIM is rumored to be working on a tablet device to compete with the Apple iPad. But the interesting, or should I say, puzzling decision is to make it a tethered device that still requires a BlackBerry for communications.

I think Apple addressed my “do I really want to pay data fees for yet another device?” concerns by providing an OnDemand no-contract activation. So is the fact that a BB tablet must be tethered to a BB phone a clever solution, or a major inconvenience? I favor compact & self-contained, so I tend toward the latter…

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