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Android As *The* Mobility Platform

In 1Q 2010, Android unit sales surpassed the iPhone. Is this a harbinger of Android as the dominant smartphone platform? And what of mobile computing in general? The iPhone OS already has migrated to the iPad, making it an excellent “mobility platform”. Certainly, Google is going to compete. The Microsoft offering, despite the major-play backing, is still barely a blip on the radar. webOS is a potential player depending on what HP decides to do. And RIM is in danger of being an also-ran with Symbian. So who will win the mobility race?



A great article (and video) showing how one particular 2yr old responds to the UI of a new iPad. It’s far from a double-blind Human Factors test, since the kid was already familiar with the iPhone. But a fascinating scene nonetheless.

I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of the ease in which young children take to a computer, but the Apple iPhone/iPad takes things to a whole new level. Instead of indirect control via mouse & keyboard, the multi-touch style introduces direct manipulation that seems to be natural for them. Most adults probably have about 25yrs worth of UI bias to overcome, but a child has no such preconceptions. With the TouchSmart, iPad, Slate, Courier, and other such devices coming out, these will be interesting times.

Redefining Mobile Computing

Symbi-who? In my years of providing IT support for the latest-and-greatest smartphones and mobile devices – Newton, Zaurus, BB, iPhone, etc – I have never (knowingly) come across a Symbian system. I had always viewed Symbian as  niche player right alongside something like Psion. So imagine my surprise to find out that Symbian is the leader in the smartphone market. I guess I have been configuring “Symbian” but never really knew it!?!

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