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Haikus For The Social-Media Disillusioned

Facebook friends will post,
Intent on self-promotion,
Ignoring others’.

Tweet into ether:
Nobody is listening
Except Twitter spams.

LinkedIn connections,
Contacts from the Nth degree,

I have Google+.
All my Circles are dormant.
Why do I bother?


Maximizing Your LinkedIn Connectedness

LinkedIn boasts millions of members. But dig deeper and you may notice that many of the profiles are old and abandoned. Beyond a general apathy/disillusionment over the LinkedIn social media experience, I believe many of these orphaned accounts are due to the user leaving an employer and thus losing access to the email account that they subscribed under. Or perhaps registering using their personal email address, but later changing ISPs…

Many people must not be aware of the fact that LinkedIn supports multiple email addresses associated with one account. I have had several friends.. er um, sorry.. “connections” that re-invited me to connect because they started a brand new LinkedIn profile for their job at a new company. Ouch. It would seem painful to me to invest time building a network, only to lose it because you no longer had access to your originally-registered email.

Thankfully, LinkedIn allows you to register multiple email addresses. If you do so while you still have access to them – they require an acknowledgement of a confirmation email – you can actually register as many addresses as you may be known by. Both professionally and personally.

Go to Settings > Account > Add & change email address. Here you can kick off the confirmation process for any address, delete an abandoned email, or swap your ‘primary’ from one to another.

There’s an additional advantage to registering multiple addresses: when you sign up for LinkedIn discussion groups, you can have the alerts/announcements be redirected to any of your confirmed addresses (not just the primary). And unlike, say, a mailing list, you can change them without involving lots of approvals or change of address submissions. Just select from the drop-down on the group’s member profile. So for instance, you could redirect alumni group emails to your Gmail, but business groups to your work address. A very handy feature.

My advice: take the time to register your various email addresses ahead of time. You never know where life takes you. Your employment situation may change or you could move from a Cox service area to Time-Warner. I guarantee that what address you registered with on LinkedIn will probably be the last thing on your mind at the time, but you’ll be glad you were prepared.

PS: Facebook also supports a similar multiple-address feature. Though I don’t think Facebook has the same abandonment issues that LinkedIn does…

Can LinkedIn Make The Grade?

LinkedIn wants to be an integral piece of your social network. With 70MM users, and a planned IPO, it hopes it can be considered at the same level as Facebook or Twitter. But it seems to me that they have a lot of work to do.

In the past week, the service has been hit with numerous outages – some planned, some not. But while the planned downtime is forewarned via banner messages on the site, the un-intentional have gone un-reported, un-acknowledged, and un-explained. Worse yet, few in my small circle even noticed. This bipartisan disinterest has led some people to suggest that the world would not even notice if LinkedIn were to disappear.

The LinkedIn blog site has remained up throughout any downtime, but the posts are not providing explanations – choosing to announce open-source code contributions and what motivates a “Data Scientist”. Their Twitter feed, meanwhile, mentions absolutely nothing about uptime.

Instead, people are left to speculate and tweet on their own. Some have suggested that the outages are related to their new LA Data Center brought online in Dec. However, I have noticed some minor, though architecturally significant, features on the home page UI this week – such as a new-items count added to the title bar – and wonder if maybe the new codebase has proven to be less than bug-free.

Regardless, the mere fact that we have to speculate at all concerns me. If this were Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, or any of the popular online services, they would have kept users informed via out-of-band channels and provided a deeply technical post-mortem in the aftermath. For a social site that is geared for “professionals”, LinkedIn is being neither social nor professional. Instead, they are showing that they have a lot to learn about Customer Service.

The Impersonal Nature of Social Media

We’ve all heard the social media horror stories – pedophiles on MySpace, away-from-home Facebook clues to entice burglars, etc. The typical security advice is to carefully control (and periodically review) your privacy settings and be very diligent about what information is offered up.

But there is another more obvious measure…

(continue reading…)

Shareaholic for Firefox

Shareaholic is one of those essential add-ons that you never knew you needed until you used it. A friend turned me on to AddThis, which sounded intriguing. But after reading the reviews (80% “greatest thing since sliced bread”, 20% “Beware!”), it seems that Shareaholic is better.

From within FireFox, sharing URLs as postings to FaceBook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and dozens of others (that I don’t currently use) is just a click away. This is only my inaugural try and already I am declaring it a winner!

New Year, New Toy

I have to admit, I never really resonated with “the blog”. To me, it seemed like a very public “Dear Diary” that you really had no idea who was reading. Not to mention the very idea that you are egotistical enough to think people are interested in what you had to say in the first place! MySpace and “the Wall” of FaceBook is a bit more natural, since at least you know who your audience is, but the open blog was a stretch. Sure, I got the whole business/marketing angle which works in many cases, but some people were using it as personal expression, and I am introverted and guarded enough for that idea to be a completely foreign one to me.

So now that I’ve trashed the blog concept, why am I trying one? Simple. LinkedIn is my new drug, and they have a WordPress widget. This is an egregious and wholly unnecessary attempt to have a blog so that I can test the LinkedIn tool that ties to it.

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