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The Evolution Of Smartphones, By The Numbers [And Why Apple May Dominate The Next Round]

In 2007, Apple energized the smartphone industry with the introduction of the first-gen iPhone. Within a year, they had gone from a non-player in the cellular phone market to an innovative industry leader. Indeed, Apple’s tremendous success in the marketplace is exemplified by their capture of 48% of the Q1 2010 mobile phone revenues, despite being limited to GSM carriers and garnering only an estimated 3% of the total handset market.

If rumors of a CDMA phone in 2011 are correct, Apple is poised to once again make an historic leap, this time not for its innovative technological advances, but in terms of a significant – possibly even dominant – market share increase. In order to explain why this might be, we need to understand how smartphone adoption has evolved (very rapidly) over the past 3 years.

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A great article (and video) showing how one particular 2yr old responds to the UI of a new iPad. It’s far from a double-blind Human Factors test, since the kid was already familiar with the iPhone. But a fascinating scene nonetheless.

I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of the ease in which young children take to a computer, but the Apple iPhone/iPad takes things to a whole new level. Instead of indirect control via mouse & keyboard, the multi-touch style introduces direct manipulation that seems to be natural for them. Most adults probably have about 25yrs worth of UI bias to overcome, but a child has no such preconceptions. With the TouchSmart, iPad, Slate, Courier, and other such devices coming out, these will be interesting times.

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