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PowerShell Hell

Every programming language has it’s idiosyncrasies, and sometimes it seems like language authors go out of the way to be different. Enough that a seasoned polyglot can benefit from a cheat sheet for keeping track of even the simplest things like if/then/else syntax (elif? elsif? elseif? else if?).

Coming from a bash/Perl background, I am beginning to like Windows PowerShell. The object pipeline capability brings the familiarity of Unix pipes with a more modern object-oriented approach. But you must take the bad with the good, and there is some bad. There is a special hell reserved for the developer of this particular ‘feature’ that I was wrestling with today…

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Secure Password Management with KeePass and MiniKeePass

I always advise users to create hard-to-guess passwords, never re-use them across sites, and change them semi-regularly. The push-back I get is that this can be a daunting task to try and remember a myriad of constantly-changing credentials, no matter how good the mnemonic techniques may be. But one look at the growing list of high-visibility break-ins and security compromises is all you need as incentive. Why make it easy for crackers to jump from one service to another just because you were a victim of limited brain cells devoted to passwords?

Call it “do as I say, not as I do”, the Cobbler’s Children syndrome, or just simple laziness, but despite the best of intentions I was not following my own advice.

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