I know many people who have ditched their landline in favor of becoming a cell-only household. Now I see them in a whole new light: chain-smoking, binge-drinking cellphone users, who, despite the extra handset radiation, alcohol, and cancer-sticks are statistically more healthy than I am!

I know that is not the conclusion to make of the CDC study described in the InformationWeek article, but I did find that part amusing.

I can certainly see the appeal of switching to cell-only. I’m actually halfway there. I absolutely love my XLink system, a Bluetooth bridge that allows me to answer my cell calls on the house line. And since incorporating Google Voice, the only direct calls I get on my landline are telemarketers who conveniently ignore the Do-Not-Call list. Why am I keeping the Cox bundle anyway; maybe I should cut out that part of the service? As long as I don’t have to take up smoking as a prerequisite…