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These are sophisticated users that should know better. The silicon is fine. It's the carbon we have to deal with.
-- Mark Rasch (commenting on a break-in aided by poor security practices)


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An IT professional and recreational programmer, I can share some of my code without getting into too much trouble with employers past & present.
I have a photo journal of the fires that devastated San Diego in Oct/Nov 2003. A damn lucky victim in the rural East County area known as Crest, I have pictures of the approaching fire, its aftermath, and neighborhood recovery efforts.
My sister has done some extensive research on the family tree. Are you a Houle? Ferlazzo? Lusitana? Do you know anything more about the geneology? There is still plenty of info yet to be collected. Help us out!
Welcome to SILICONexus, the private domain of Bill Houle (NCR, AirFiber, Verari, Cirrascale). This domain's main role is that of redirector for a multitude of email subscriptions. In addition, a few other things are documented for posterity.

The "Dark Side" Geek is my personal blog. Memes and musings of an IT geek turned to the "dark side" (aka management).
MajorCool is a Web interface to Majordomo developed while at NCR and since released to the open source community The NCR host site seems to have disappeared, so I'm glad I kept a local copy for safe-keeping. Too bad all the domain statistics were lost when the server was killed.
NewtPower was an ode to the Apple Newton MessagePad technology. I was a big fan of the technology, and this was my contribution to the wisdom of the collective.
Random(ized) humor in the form of the Apple Prediction Generator and Employment Roulette.
Bill Gates can't guarantee Windows. How are you gonna guarantee my safety?!?
-- John Crichton, Farscape

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