A Day In The Life...

I am a "Technology Consultant", working in the Information Systems group of a computer/software manufacturer. I wear many hats, hopping back and forth between the life of the "analyst" and "management". My MessagePad 2000 helps keep me organized throughout it all.

When I turn on my Newton, I am greeted with MoreInfo as my backdrop application. I have tried other minimalist backdrops, but I found myself in MI so often I decided to eliminate the middleman. MI is a great way to get an instant view of all meetings and ToDos, and it's ability to link any item to anything else is an awesome way to keep related things together.

A quick glance at the DashBoard battery display on the MI buttonbar shows that the NiMH battery needs charging, so I plug into the charger I have on my desk. Even if fully discharged, it is back to max capacity in less than 2 hours (and lasts more than a week even with daily use).

It's time for yet another meeting, so I put the Newton in my DayRunner and head off. The DayRunner is stripped of all traditional paper organizer components, but I use the ringed binder to hold other accessories such as a floppy disk holder, business card organizer, etc. My Viking modem is not an XJack type, so I keep the card and the dongle in the DayRunner's internal pouch.

When I get to the meeting, out comes the Newton. I immediately use More Folders to set the current folder to the topic of the meeting. I have folder hierarchies set up for projects I am working on, teams I am participating in, and even personal hobbies and outside interests (but these are rarely the subject of my business meetings :). By setting the folder, any ToDo, Note, pending Call, or followup Meeting created in MI will be stored in the appropriate category.

Meeting over. Back at my desk, I pick a task and start working. If it is a small project, I use MI to order my ToDos using its 9 level prioritization categories. But if it is a bigger project, I run the BluePrint project management application to order tasks, assess schedules, and view Gannt charts.

The desk-jockey work continues -- coding, scheduling, reading e-mail, answering the phone -- until MI alerts me to the next meeting and the vicious cycle repeats. And when the day is finally over, I slip the DayRunner into my leather briefcase and head home.

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September 17, 2001