Other Newton Cards

There are plenty of other PCMCIA cards out there, from ISDN to SCSI Controllers and Card Disks. But I don't know which work in a Newton, let alone what their power requirements are. Help me out if you can. These have been found so far:

Product Description Power Consumption
On Standby
Socket PageCard Alphanumeric pager with PCMCIA interface for reading messages on the Newton. Pager body is detachable for belt/purse use. 5 mA n/a
Socket High-Speed Serial I/O RS-232 PC Card with fast 16550 UART. "Rugged" version also available (same specs). 16 mA 5 mA
EZ2TV Output NTSC Video to drive a TV, or VGA Video to display on a computer monitor. 350 mA n/a
EZ2VGA Output VGA Video to display on a computer monitor. 135 mA n/a

With all due respect to vendors, any credible user reports╣ on current draw -- BATLOG results▓ preferred -- will override manufacturer-provided specs. The "nominal" ratings usually disclosed tend to be on the atypical low end of the spectrum, so I favor "real world" experiences...

If you have a card to add to the comparison chart, the pertinent data. Only cards that are proven to work in a Newton, please. This data may be relevant to non-Newton users as well, but remember, I am biased: only Newton-ready solutions allowed.

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September 17, 2001