Active Image & Tool Tip Scripts

This page demonstrates the Active Image and Tool Tip functions that I have developed for use in my MajorCool application [save yourself a trip -- MajorCool [Button] is a CGI interface to the Majordomo UNIX mailing list management software]. Move the mouse back and forth over the image to watch it change. Stay stationary for a moment to make the Tool Tip pop up. Click to see the image change yet again, and get another pop-up (this time without a delay). This is accomplished with two functions (three if you count the brain-dead Status Line update):

Here's a less-effective use of the same tip() function call used on a FORM element with onFocus: Note the absence of an onBlur() handler, which would result in a continual loop of pop-ups as the tip window and element fought for focus. If you don't manually steal back the focus with a click, then (even without the onBlur), you will still get the repeated pop-up. Kind of annoying, really.

I have verified the Tool Tip function on Netscape 3.x and 4.x (UNIX as well as PC). Microsoft IE4 works as expected; IE3 support is partial, because it has no onMouseOut event. Dumbed-down browsers such as NCSA Mosaic blithely ignore the scripts without adverse effects.

Feel free to steal the code.