Exchange 2007

Verari ran an Exchange 2007 server environment, with Active/Passive Cluster Continuous Replication. In addition to the CCR failover Mailbox stores, we had redundant Client/Access servers all hiding behind a single host name with Round-Robin DNS and wildcard SSL certificate. I believe the wildcard SSL is technically not supported by Microsoft, but it was working well. 100% service uptime!
With a complex CCR setup, we needed a way to keep tabs on all operational services. This HealthCheck was run identically as a Scheduled Task (with offset schedules) on all servers. If anything was detected amiss by any one server, it would send mail to a contact address to alert. (And with such a redundant setup, the assumption is that nothing would ever be so catastrophic as to prevent this alert from going out; so far so good.) This script tests for:
A script to flip the Active/Passive role of the CCR servers. Normal maintenance of the Cluster was to Windows-Update the idle Passive server, and then flip roles and repeat for the formerly Active node.
A script that will automatically determine how many Exchange databases exist (mail store or public folder), and execute the necessary NTBACKUP commands to back them up. NTBACKUP method is Full, Disk-to-Disk buffered, no compression.
A PowerShell script to identify all Recipient objects that are forwarded elsewhere. This applies equally to Contacts, Users, and any other mail-enabled types. The forward's destination entity as well as resolved SMTP address is displayed. Output is object-oriented for pipelining to other commands.