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At Work 

I began my career in Software Development, but quickly tired of the corporate design process: not enough coding and too much paperwork. I had done some system administration on the side and found that I enjoyed the constantly changing nature of the environment and the "immediate gratification" offered by developing tools for such a user base. Thus, I made the switch to Information Systems.

I had spent 11 mostly wonderful years at Fortune 500 NCR Corporation, 9 of them as an IT Consultant. Specifically, I worked in the 'Business Services Division'  where I was project leader and Internet specialist for the NCR Americas group (home base: San Diego). It was a great group, but NCR has no respect for anyone not in Dayton OH (world headquarters) and for my own peace of mind, I felt that I had to leave.

From there, I joined startup AirFiber as Director of Information Technology.  AirFiber was a wireless communications company specializing in free-space optics and ultrawideband RF. It was a kick-ass line of products that unfortunately came when the telecom market was crashing. We fell short of funding that could allow us to weather the storm , so the doors were closed in Feb 2003. The job was a great opportunity to start an IT organization from the ground up, as well as keep my hands dirty in a broad range of technology projects. Not to mention that it was a company filled top-to-bottom with great people. Oh well.

I consulted for a time, and then landed a great gig at Verari - a very promising HPC, blade server, and container-based data center  manufacturer. Just my luck, they too  have faltered.

Even though at work I have joined the "dark side" as management, I am still a developer at heart. Besides authoring MajorCool and AlphaPage, I have also contributed to such open-source projects as Majordomo, Apache, NCSA httpd, GNATS, expect, mp, pcal, and many others.

I am a motivated self-starter with a passion for learning new technologies and knowing where, when, and how to implement them effectively. If this is starting to sound like a lot like a résumé, you are right.

At Play 

Dogs & cat, but no kids. I enjoy landscaping/gardening and attempting to grow orchids. Its the inland heat that kills my plants, not my horticultural skills. Or so I'd like to believe.

My favorite TV shows include The Big Bang, Glee, 30 Rock, NCIS, and Nova. I truly enjoy/admire Craig Ferguson on the Late Show, and Erin Burnett on CNBC's Street Signs. And OK, I'll admit it - So You Think You Can Dance is a guilty pleasure. 

As a native Californian, I have adapted to that stereotypical "active lifestyle", and I regularly enjoy playing softball (P/SS/OF), volleyball (indoors and beach), bowling (198 avg), and cycling (road more so than mountain). I am also trying to improve at golf, tennis, & skiing.

As you can see, I love most sports. As a spectator, primarily baseball (Padres season tix) and football (go Chargers!). My alma mater UCSD didn't have a football team, so I adopted the cross-town San Diego State Aztecs and attend most games with my Dad (an alum).  

I enjoy all forms of music, with the exception of Rap. I have an extensive CD collection that I unfortunately end up listening to only a small percentage of - not a good use of my discretionary cash! Pat Metheny, Yanni, Alan Parsons, Enya, XTC, 10000 Maniacs, and anything by Puccini are tops on my list. 

I'm a movie buff, though I have vowed to be a little less aggressive with my DVD purchases; only my absolute favorites (such as The Usual Suspects, Last of the Mohicans, Blade Runner, Seven, anything by Monty Python, and the Pixar collection) have made it onto my shelves. 

Throw in season tickets to the opera and an occasional play thrown in for good measure, and you've got the scoop on my entertainment tastes. 

Other interests: Antiques, Astronomy, Home Automation, Photography, SciFi, and the inner-workings of the human brain.

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